35mm Photography

 Cosina/Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 Lens Trial

On Christmas afternoon, I went down the the Washington, DC Mall to shoot some photographs of the monuments with the Voigtlander 15mm lens. Here are some results.

London and Bath, UK -- November 2001

 The Second Annual Thanksgiving in London.

The challenge was: "Real photographers shoot their vacations in black & white."

This trip the camera gear was all Voigtlander (Cosina) rangefinder equipment. For more information, follow the link.

The black & white film was Ilford XP2 Super (ISO 400) -- film which can be processed on your local 1-hour photo shop's C-41 color machinery. I had most of the film processed in London at a nearby Snappy Snaps store...They actually have the proper B&W paper for chromogenic films in glossy and matte. Most U.S. stores don't even know what you are talking about when you ask for B&W paper.

Leaving for London on Thanksgiving evening just about guarantees plenty of room on the plane, although the actual arrival there is Friday morning. Most of the Americans head on home on Sunday, so you've some Yank-free days if you stick around into the following week.

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 A London Bookseller


 The Broad Street Pump.

The location generally recognized as the birthplace of modern epidemiology. John Snow made the connection between a neighborhood water pump and a cholera outbreak.


 St. Pancras Station

 The Tube

 Paddington Station


Where the Roman and Georgian worlds meet.

A dreary, overcast, and eventually rainy day, but still a great town to walk around.

 Covent Garden

One of the most popular weekend sites for Londoners.

(So popular that the Tube station is closed to departing passengers Saturday afternoons to prevent overcrowding on the platforms.)




The British Museum...

...With the recently opened Great Court.

(See my pictures from an earlier visit in the Panoramic Photography Gallery.)



 The Eye of London

The best view of the city.





Well...It was a nice day...

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